Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE)

The objectives and curriculum of the CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations) have been combined with the holistic educational philosophy of the VIBGYOR Group of Schools to create an extraordinary academic environment that has received awards and recognition for its quality.

Our curriculum framework is flexible and activity-based, which aids in strengthening the students’ essential understanding over the years. The development of our curriculum is based on the application of five basic principles:

  • Defining age- appropriate learning objectives
  • Creating valuable learning experiences
  • Ensuring learning experiences have the maximum cumulative effect
  • Evaluating the curriculum and revising certain aspects and concepts to include the evolving needs of the students and
  • Revising the curriculum periodically without rigidity

The ICSE curriculum caters to the primary and secondary level learners of the age group between 6-15 and the ISC curriculum for the age group between 15-18. The curriculum across the VIBGYOR Group of Schools based on the following pillars -

Integrated Learning:

This approach adheres to the school’s pedagogical philosophy, which is driven by the humane spirit of learning, comprehending, applying, and experiencing. Children receive a well-rounded education through the integration of subjects like social science with social studies and environmental education with science. Our educational process also incorporates courses in safety and first aid, simple machines, community development, and life skills.

Experiential Learning:

The VIBGYOR Group of Schools prioritises a hands-on learning experience with this strategy, which is supported by skilled teachers. The students value hands-on learning opportunities such as building kaleidoscopes, making posters, writing for newspapers or magazines, blogging, podcasting, developing websites, recording experiments in physics or biology labs, going on field trips, etc.

Research Work:

This method is specifically created to make sure that students develop their research abilities on the subjects they are studying. The VIBGYOR Group of Schools makes sure that research-based assignments are a part of the educational process and helps students create case studies so they can better comprehend the subject.

Guest Speakers:

To help students better grasp a variety of subjects, the VIBGYOR Group of Schools arranges meetings between the students and knowledgeable business professionals. This enables students to experience the topic - hand and comprehend its complexities. These lessons are essential for the learners' cognitive health since they liberate them from the confines of the classroom.

Assignments and Assessments:

The VIBGYOR GROUP OF SCHOOLS' assessment system is a breath of fresh air. For each term, we emphasise using stress-free evaluation and testing methods. These exams have been creatively developed to evaluate children's values and creativity in addition to their cognitive abilities. A holistic approach to education and learning is ensured by all of these systems and techniques.

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