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About VIBGYOR High School

A leading CBSE school in Pune, VIBGYOR High - NIBM, is committed to academic excellence, notable accomplishments, and offering a comprehensive educational experience. Our world-class infrastructure, modern amenities, and hygienic environment support early childhood education and personality development.


Our carefully designed curriculum incorporates learning methods like Gardner's multiple intelligences theory, Bloom's taxonomy, and Kolb's experiential learning theory for an enriching academic experience. At VIBGYOR High our main goal is to nurture each child's unique skills by giving them venues for experimentation, expression, and improvement in order to get them ready for the future. We are one of the top CBSE schools in NIBM owing to our holistic approach, highly qualified teachers, coaches, and domain experts, as well as our cutting-edge facilities.


VIBGYOR High NIBM’s campus features a thoughtful layout and a spacious environment that provides an atmosphere that is conducive to nurturing young minds. To encourage interactive and collaborative learning, our school is equipped with modern computer and science labs, extensive library with age appropriate books and material, hygienic cafeterias, a gymnasium, a kids' play area, a football pitch, a skating rink, a music room and more. Additionally, all VIBGYOR Group of Schools have a well-equipped sick bay with trained medical staff.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

At VIBGYOR High learning isn’t limited to classrooms alone. We encourage students to pursue their talents and aspirations by participating in extracurricular endeavours through various clubs and programmes including Nature's Club, Greaders Club, VIBGYOR Model United Nations (VIBGYORMUN Club), Student Exchange Programme and VIBGYOR Viva.

Learning Philosophy:

We advocate lifelong learning through an evolving educational process at VIBGYOR Group of Schools. Our educational philosophy instils virtues like self-discipline, time management, and cooperation while encouraging students to become self-learners as opposed to rote learners. With ongoing assessments, we continuously raise the benchmark for excellence.

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VIBGYOR High School in NIBM
Dorabjee Paradise, Off. Corinthian Club Road, Extn NIBM Road, Mohammedwadi, Hadapsar, Pune - 411 060.

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