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Jean Piaget, known for his theory of cognitive development looked at how children develop intellectually throughout the course of childhood. Children interact with the world around them, continuously add new knowledge, build upon existing knowledge, and adapt previously held ideas to accommodate new information.

VIBGYOR Group of Schools recognise that each child has his/her unique learning potential as well as differing developmental needs. Thus, it is imperative that every effort must be made to optimise their learning in positive and inclusive ways. With this aim, Personalise Learning Centre in every VIBGYOR school provides both, learning support and counselling services to students with special needs.

The Personalised Learning Centre (PLC) at VIBGYOR Group of Schools meets the needs and requirements of students with behavioural, social and cognitive deficits. Each school of VIBGYOR is equipped with experienced and qualified counsellors and special education teachers who identify students and guide teachers on intervention and other support services. Objective of the department is to provide personalised guidance and strategies to parents - on social-emotional development, positive parenting, discipline management and cognitive development. The team also initiates counselling programmes to motivate students and to achieve academic excellence.

The PLC in each school conducts workshops for Parents, Teachers and students on various Life Skill topics such as:

A. Art of Parenting

B. Enhancing Reading Skills and Fostering Self Esteem

C. Developing Attachment Styles through Play

D. Early Intervention in understanding developmental lags

E. Handling Temper Tantrums

Continuous guidance is provided to teachers in understanding social-emotional development in students and catering to their needs effectively.

This ultimate objective is brought to effect by a dedicated and highly meticulous Personalised Learning Centre Staff which comprises of Personalised Learning Teachers (Special Educators) and Counsellors, who plan and implement Individualised Education Plan (IEP) and Individualised Counselling Plan (ICP) for students with special needs. Effective models of Inclusive Education not only benefit students with academic, behavioural, and emotional concerns but also create an environment in which every student has an opportunity to flourish.


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