VIBGYOR Viva, an inter-school festival, is a place where myriad emotions, ideas and thoughts come to life. A cultural, art and sports initiative of VIBGYOR Group of Schools, Viva is designed to enrich and enlighten students by bringing alive their creativity. It is a cultural hub for India's most motivated and enthusiastic students. VIBGYOR Viva is the vision of our dynamic and innovative Founder Chairman, Mr. Rustom Kerawalla with an aim of ‘Sparking Creativity Nurturing Talent’ in children across the nation. Viva is for everyone! Our doors are open to friends, parents and grandparents.

VIBGYOR Viva invites the student community (interschool and junior college) to collaborate and compete in a safe and conducive environment. Conjuring up the vision of exuberance, verve and vivacity, VIBGYOR Viva honours holistic approach and enhances the overall development of the student. Here every child is given an opportunity to unleash their talent across a plethora of genres like creative skills, art and crafts, movie making, sports, and personality-based competitions. Viva provides an opportunity to engage with diverse art experiences not just through participation, but also through workshops and competitions like Origami, Beatboxing, Calculation tricks, sign language, Puppet Making, Chocolate Making, T-shirt designing and many more, keeping in mind the prevailing interests of today's youth. Further, participants get an opportunity to show their skills through sporting events like football, handball, cricket, athletics, judo, skating, swimming, etc.

True to its vision, Viva has, over the years, managed to attract absolutely raw talent from different parts of the country. Viva has witnessed some never-seen-before performances from more than 2 lakh students across India with 1700+ schools participate in VIBGYOR Viva, every year.

In our 15th edition – The Crystal Year, VIBGYOR Viva promises to be far more dazzling and exuberant and give students a launchpad to embark on a journey into the world where imagination lives and where dreams come true.

With the world being their oyster, we want to encourage students to give wings to their talents and help them soar and shine through a spectrum of talent.

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