At VIBGYOR HIGH, we offer an integrated approach to curriculum, focusing on the development of the Head, Heart and Hand (3Hs) of each child, thus preparing them for global citizenship. The uniqueness of this curriculum is that it is strategically moulded to include the learning objectives that not only prepare the students for competitive exams but also equip them with essential life skills.

Our curriculum framework is flexible, child-centric and activity-based, which aids in strengthening the students’ essential understanding over the years.

The learning outcomes listed by THE CISCE, CBSE and CAIE boards/ examinations are amalgamated to create a curriculum that is unique, adaptable, and which combines their best features. The curriculum is spiralling and progressive in nature, hence preparing each learner for higher education.

The VIBGYOR HIGH integrated curriculum focuses on:

  • Defining appropriate learning objectives
  • Adapting the best pedagogies
  • Establishing meaningful learning experiences through impactful teaching strategies
  • Organising learning experiences to have a maximum cumulative effect
  • Developing skills such as creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking through hands-on and real-world experiences
  • Focus on personalised learning and individualised attention to cater to the diverse needs and interests of students
  • Integration of technology into the teaching process to promote self-directed and lifelong learning
  • Evaluating and revising the curriculum periodically to enhance learning and keep up with the international education ecosystem

The VIBGYOR HIGH integrated curriculum seamlessly dissolves the borders drawn around subjects and relies on unifying concepts and learning to connect diverse areas of study. This helps students in making critical connections across subject matter to emphasise key concepts. It aims to accomplish a greater level of critical thinking and understanding in students, and is NEP ready

Both the Primary and Secondary levels of our VIBGYOR HIGH curriculum are based on the following approaches:

The Multidisciplinary approach integrates knowledge and skills from multiple subject areas or disciplines. At VIBGYOR HIGH, a common theme is explored in all subjects at the same time which reinforces learning.

The Interdisciplinary approach focuses on integrating common concepts between subjects. The lessons at VIBGYOR HIGH are designed to weave subjects together using common threads.

The Transdisciplinary approach takes learning beyond the confines of a classroom. In this way, the curriculum at VIBGYOR HIGH is designed to use classroom learning to explore relevant concepts, issues and real-life problems, thus ensuring practical application of skills that learners have developed.

The in-house lesson plans are developed through the collaboration of subject matter experts from different subjects to design learning experiences that emphasise the interconnectedness of different areas of knowledge.

  • The VIBGYOR HIGH integrated curriculum provides experiential learning through hands-on activities, making static/working models, projects based on finding solutions to real-life problems, interactions with community helpers etc.
    VIBGYOR HIGH organises field trips to the zoo, botanical/nature parks, museums/places of historical interest and Science centres. These trips are designed to give a rich learning experience to the students and focus on reflection activities.
  • The VIBGYOR HIGH curriculum is designed to equip the students with media and information literacy skills. Integration of AI in the curricula in grades 5 to 7, prepares the students to understand the scope of AI.
  • Important 21st Century Skills like Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Creativity are imparted through our curriculum.
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The uniqueness of the VIBGYOR HIGH curriculum for Grades 1 to 7 lies in the fact that it is developed by a team of in-house curriculum experts. Highly learner-centric and activity-based, it ensures that our learners have the best of the offerings from the boards in India.


At VIBGYOR HIGH, we focus on stress-free tools of assessment for each term. There is a continuous assessment spread across the year where students improve with a constructive feedback mechanism and individual attention. These tests have been creatively designed to not only assess the cognitive skills of children but also their values and creativity. All these systems and methods ensure the focus is on learning, rather than rote memorisation.

We believe that our learners are active agents in constructing their knowledge, and each of them have a unique and personal educational journey. Our young learners maintain portfolios that help them chart this journey along with their successes.

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