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VIBGYOR High School in Lucknow (Gomti Nagar)

Situated along the serene residential area of Lucknow, Vibgyor High presents a platform for all those who seek a contemporary education for their children. The infrastructure of our institution is fashioned around the optimum growth of children during their academic years.

Furthermore, holistic education is the fulcrum of VIBGYOR High. The Sports and Performing Arts curriculum ensures the overall development of our students. Here, sports activities include swimming, basketball and gymnastics. In addition, we focus on performance-based activities like dance, music and drama to enhance the personalities of our students.

Having successfully established a renowned chain of schools, with centres in Goregaon West (Mumbai), Bengaluru, Pune, Vadodara and Kolhapur, VIBGYOR High with its strong foundation of ethics now strives to be the institution of choice for discerning students and parents.

We take pride in our teacher/student ratio of 1:10, which ensures individual attention and therefore quality of learning.


VIBGYOR HIGH Lucknow offers following board
• Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE )

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