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School in Gurgaon (Gurugram), Sector 67 : Best CBSE Board School

VIBGYOR High – Gurgaon is all about quality education and academic excellence. Our school has been recognised for numerous outstanding achievements and features that enhance and contribute to the educational experience of our students.

VIBGYOR High Gurgaon is one of the best schools in Gurgaon, serving the children with early years education ensuring personality development. Being the Top School in Gurgaon, we have world class infrastructure with modern amenities and hygienic environment.

Every child has a unique skill that needs to be nurtured to help it reach its potential. Our school provides platforms that encourage students to explore, experiment, express and enhance their innate skills to be future ready. This is what makes us one of the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon.

Our holistic approach to learning, qualified teachers, coaches, domain specialists and state-of-the-art infrastructure make us the best school in Gurugram.a Our school is equipped with a computer room, laboratories, safe and hygienic cafeterias to ensure our students’ welfare and holistic development. Gymnasium, kid’s play area, football ground, skating rink and other amenities such as music room, etc. are available at VIBGYOR High, Gurugram for the students to actively participate in sports and performing arts activities for interactive and collaborative learning.

VIBGYOR’s curriculum is carefully thought-out, in order to make a child's academic year more yielding and fulfilling. With concepts such as Team Assignments, Parent-Teacher Interaction sessions, VIBGYOR High ensures that the student is well-supported for overall development and growth. Learning methods like Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory, Bloom’s taxonomy, Kolb’s experiential learning theory, etc. are part of the curriculum for an enhanced and enriching academic experience.

Clubs and programmes like Nature’s club, Greader’s club, Student Exchange Programme, Vibgyor Model United Nations (VMUN), etc. encourage our kids to pursue their talents and aspirations and get exposure to various platforms that enable external interactions.

Greaders Club: A literary club that helps develop the art of reading and writing.

Nature’s Club: An eco-friendly club to help create a bond with the environment.

VMUN: VIBGYOR Model United Nations, a programme to develop decision-making skills on global issues.

Student Exchange Programme: An opportunity to interact and create networking for a promising future.

Virtual learning with advanced technology and platforms is part of the academic session for an uninterrupted educational experience. Students can access all the study material along with various programmes and clubs for a fun-filled and enlightening academic session. The sessions include Virtual field trips, assembly, digital workshops and webinars, etc.

At VIBGYOR, we have developed a highly scientific Virtual Education format for our students which includes the application of Digital Tools for experiential learning. Our classes are designed to keep the child engaged and socially interactive through features like ‘Circle Time’ before the class starts so that students voluntarily interact with each other. Similarly, we have designed our classes to be of shorter duration so that students engage and have created well-structured classes with breaks so that students account for a balanced screen-time all along. We have also ensured that our extracurricular activities don’t take a backseat and have continued our SPA classes online throughout the AY 20-21.

VIBGYOR’s Quality Online Education will make a world of a difference to ensure that your child stays engaged, socially interactive and is motivated to utilise the time in productive work.

We, at VIBGYOR High – Gurgaon, aim to make education an ever-evolving process where students imbibe and adapt to rules to create a path for lifelong learning. The educational philosophy encourages students to become self-learners and not rote-learners. The students imbibe values of self-discipline, time management and cooperation and are equipped with skills for life beyond classrooms. With virtual learning sessions and continuous assessments of our students and teachers, we ensure that we are furthering the benchmark with excellence.

We are on a mission to transform lives globally by redefining the knowledge ecosystem through passion and innovation. It is our mission that brought us an accolade of ‘Innovation in Learning’ Award for Excellence in Best in Class Learning & Development at the World HRD Congress, 2017 and we aim to continue expanding the horizons for our students to achieve quality education for their progressive development.

VIBGYOR High, Gurugram ensures learning without borders and hence, is the best school for a successful and all-around academic experience.


VIBGYOR High, Gurgaon prepares its students for the
• Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE )

Our teachers and administrative staff make us one of the top CBSE schools in Gurugram.

Come and see for yourself why we are among the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon!

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