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A sense of plenitude is what keeps a students motivated, which is why When VIBGYOR High set up the Hostel facility for its residential students in Vadodara, the motive was to create a ‘Home away from Home.

Situated at a convenient distance of 8 km away from Vadodara Railway Station, the hostel is built on the sprawling 8 acres of the lush green school campus. The highly secured hostel offers a separate dormitory-facility for boys and girls right from Grade 1.

The hostel is a carefully crafted structure that takes into account every thinkable amenity. Including space to study areas, the hostel accommodates for every requirement a child can have during his school years. The international sized football ground, swimming pool, skating rink, basketball and tennis court facilitate holistic growth of our resident students. Furthermore, special coaching facilities for the residents ensure that the students feel secure at all times.

Our staff is constituted of approachable, experienced matrons who are sensitive and accommodating of a child’s every need at all times. On campus, we have a 24x7 medical facility, and prompt access to reputed hospitals in the vicinity. Moreover, the nutrition of the students is a carefully monitored, cautious process that offers a wide range of dietary options.

To ensure life beyond the hostel, regular outings are arranged for our residential students in the surrounding country-side. Away from home, every festival is celebrated with involvement and fervour.

Residential School staff are accessible and attentive to the students at all times.

Address :
Opp. Banco Product, Padra Road,
B/H Bhayali Railway Station,
Vadodara - 391 410.

Day School

At VIBGYOR High, Sports and Performing Arts (SPA) are integral to the overall development of students. We have:

  • A Sports and Performing Arts (SPA) block that provides a variety of convenient facilities to both orchestrate the involvement in and hone skills in sports. The choices include : basketball, handball, football, judo, skating and gymnastics
  • A swimming pool that spans half the length of a standard Olympic-sized pool: we tap into this facility to train both mid, state and national level swimmers.
  • Relevant facilities and personnel for Activities like music, dance and speech and drama.
  • Activities like music, dance and speech and drama that are conducted in special rooms
  • Open access library, which is constantly stocked with the latest publications and book editions
At VIBGYOR, we ensure that the process of assimilating knowledge works seamlessly. For this very purpose, we have designed our classrooms to be comfortable and complementary to our learning methods. All classrooms are air-conditioned and complete with learning resources. Computers with interactive software further supplement classroom teaching in the Pre-primary section.
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Sports & Performing Arts
SPA (Sports & Performing Arts) is an integral part of the curriculum and we offer a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities for the physical development of a child. Athletics, Swimming, Skating, Martial Arts, Jazz, Music & Speech and Drama, alongside others, are a part of the activities offered by our school.
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Sick Bay
Our facilities for medical aide are prompt and considered!. An open, airy and comfortable place with a full-time, qualified nurse forms the sick-bay.
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Visual Art Studio
The Visual Art Studio is the creative nucleus of the School. It gives the children the freedom to express themselves through varied mediums like clay, plaster of Paris, paint, wood, textiles and an array of recyclable materials. The Visual Art Centre works in tandem with the in-class curriculum; ideas studied in class are encouraged to be explored in this space, where no limitations are put on the children.
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Computer Lab
A state of the art computer lab furnished with the most up-to-date hardware and software is available to every child, along with supervised internet connectivity.
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An open access library provides an all-encompassing opportunity for reading, reference and research to all age groups.
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Science & Math Lab
Observation, hypothesising and experimentation are a crucial part of development in the field of the Natural Sciences. Our Science and Math labs provide ample opportunity for the children to develop their skills through alternative techniques. The labs are interactive spaces that allow children to grow laterally, through an environment outside the classroom.

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Transport Facility
Our institution provides all day-scholars with comfortable transportation to and from home. Children are strictly not to be ferried unaccompanied by an adult.
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A child spends half of his time in school, so his diet at school is as vital as his diet at home. The options available to the students are finalised keeping in mind the nutritional requirements and the physical well-being of a child. All the meals are prepared in a hygienic environment under the supervision of an experienced Catering Manager.

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