Holistic Development

Sports and Performing Arts


Detailed attention is given to each sporting activity with respect to:

  • On-field practice
  • Visits to stadiums; Inter-School tournaments
  • AV exposure to Animated and Live Matches and Coaching Techniques
  • Access to Sports related books in the Library
  • Tips on Sports Injuries and Diet
  • Interaction with players of repute
  • Inculcating team spirit, positive competitive spirit and leadership skills that lead to character building
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Performing Arts

We create a difference by integrating SPA (Sports & the Performing Arts) curriculum with in-classroom learning. At the primary level, this programme helps in developing physical fitness. These fundamentals are further developed through the secondary level, where students gear up to learn diverse activities which stand them in good stead for the future.
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The essence of the programme is to:

  • Introduce the child to education beyond the classroom through indoor sports, outdoor sports and performing art activities
  • Expose the child to various sports; facilitating the development of kinesthetic and spatial skills
  • Identify the inherent capability of the child in selected sports and provide specialised training in those areas
  • Provide a platform for the child to excel in a sport/performing art and represent the school in inter-school and state level competitions

VIBGYOR High is recognised as one of the few schools in the country to have a structured curriculum for Sports & the Performing Arts, which includes both inside and outside class experiences.


VIBGYOR High is a firm believer of experiential learning. Field trips and educational visits are organized at regular intervals for our young scholars. These are an extension to the concepts taught in class. It gives the students an opportunity to gain active and experiential learning and understanding of the topic.

Students are given industrial exposure through direct interactive sessions with industry personnel and enriching interventions through participation in various events.

Various Domestic and International trips are organised to supplement their classroom learning. Students at VIBGYOR High have participated in various International events like:

  • NASA, Space Camp - Alabama, USA
  • CIE World Conference - Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai
  • IYC - International Youth Conference, Mumbai
  • Online Debate – Conducted by British Council, UK
  • MUN – Model United Nations, USA
  • Presidential Classroom, USA
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The Indian and International Educational Trips to Goa, Kerala, Hyderabad, Malaysia and Egypt help in developing global awareness amongst our young learners. Our students are encouraged to use valuable research, problem-solving, and decision-making skills on such trips. Through such international exposures, they are given a platform to explore and develop skills to adapt to the dynamically changing world of today. Such exposures aim at breaking all geographical boundaries and provide a holistic education to our future Global Citizens.

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