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  • VIBGYOR High Vadodara 100% results
  • VIBGYOR High Vadodara 100% results
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VIBGYOR High School in Vadodara (Padra Road) : CBSE School

Affiliated to CBSE, VIBGYOR High International School – is renowned as one of the best Schools in Vadodara. Spread across 8 acres, the school design is a perfect amalgamation of state-of-the-art infrastructure and ideal learning environment.

Accredited for Outstanding Development of the International Dimension in the Curriculum by the British Council, the school has an integrated curriculum aimed at holistic development of students.

The international-sized football ground, swimming pool, skating rink, basketball and tennis court facilitates the holistic growth of our students. The students are provided with study rooms to pursue their studies after school. The school also offers special coaching facilities for students. Experienced, caring and approachable staff takes care of the students round the clock. The school has a 24x7 medical facility on the campus for all kinds of medical help. Furthermore, it serves highly nutritive food that is appealing to all palates. Special attention is given to housekeeping and hygiene.

We are one of the schools in Vadodara with a curriculum that gives equal importance to academics as well as extra-curricular activities. STEM Education, Sports Education, Life Skill Education and Happiness Quotient Index School are some of the initiatives in the direction.


The school prepares students for
• Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE )


Frequently Asked Questions about CBSE Schools in Padra Road, Vadodara

Yes, top cbse schools in vadodara provide bus facility to students. However, bus facility is charged additionally.

Thoughtful measures are being taken to better the educational system of Vadodara. Curriculum of study is being gradually improvised and steps are being taken to focus more upon the overall development of the student.

Vibgyor High Vadodara, Schools around me have classes up to 10th standard or 12th standard. However, Vadodara Schools around me have are a few essential facilities which ensure the effective and efficient running of the school education. Some of them are:

  • 1. Interactive boards and computer laboratories - Top cbse school in vadodara classrooms usually have multimedia projectors, pin-up boards, green boards, and whiteboards for enhanced knowledge exchange. Even the computer laboratories are designed as per the age group so that the students can become tech-savvy from an early age.
  • 2. Well-stocked library facilities - To make sure that the children can constantly increase their knowledge horizon, top cbse school in vadodara are all equipped with library rooms that enable the students to think beyond the prescribed texts.
  • 3. Science laboratories - Top cbse school in Vadodara laboratories have advanced equipment to ensure effective scientific learning. The Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories that the English medium high schools allow the students to add a practical aspect to the theoretical concepts they study.
  • 4. Canteen facility - While the children are encouraged to eat healthy and nutritious home-cooked food, but Vibgyor High canteen facility too with healthy meal options. The canteen is strictly supervised so that no junk or unhealthy food can find a place in there.
  • 5. Playground and games room - Vibgyor High Vadodra equipped with basketball, volleyball and other gaming facilities. It helps the students to take a break from their routine studies and engage in some physical activity that also has a role to play in their overall mental development.
  • 6. Transportation facilities - To offer ease and convenience of travelling to and fro, the Vadodara school provide bus services. The schools which do not have their independent bus facilities are mostly known to help the parents connect with trusted bus companies so that they do not have to worry about their ward’s daily school transportation.

Below factors are considered while selecting a top & best school in Vadodara for children.

  • 1. Teachers/Staff
  • 2. Infrastructure
  • 3. Extracurricular Activities
  • 4. Fee Structure
  • 5. Location & Commute
  • 6. Education Board
  • 7. School Policies

The most common features of all the CBSE Curriculam/Board is in vadodara:

  • 1. Vibgyor High, best school in Vadodara CBSE offer the flexibility and freedom to choose from a large number of optional subjects, depending upon the student's interest.
  • 2. CBSE school in Vadodara follows different teaching methods where a combination of modern technology like digital-teaching aids, smart classrooms etc., are offered along with regular teaching to make students’ learning interesting and qualitative.
  • 3. The CBSE school in Vadodara question papers are framed in a manner to ensure they cover the entire syllabus. The questions are application-based which reduce the dependency on rote learning. It requires students to think and expand their knowledge beyond what is covered in textbooks.
  • 4. The excellent quality of education and training imparted by CBSE School in Vadodara education helps students excel in competitive examinations.

The parents are requested to visit the school Admission of School in Vadodara Office, fill the registration form and purchase the school prospectus. Once the form is filled, please take a printout of the same, fill in the details and submit the hard copy of the completed form to Vibgyor High school in Vadodara.

Vadodara schools around me provides below facilities

  • 1. Classrooms
  • 2. Sports & Performing Arts
  • 3. Sick Bay
  • 4. Visual Art Studio
  • 5. Computer Lab
  • 6. Library
  • 7. Science & Math Lab
  • 8. Transport Facility
  • 9. Canteen

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