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VIBGYOR High School in Kolhapur

VIBGYOR High, Kolhapur, is located in the lush countryside of Mudshingi Road. The location was zeroed in as it fit the prospect of the ideal educational environment: a spot away from the city. A multidisciplinary, state-of-the-art international school, VIBGYOR prides in being the first of its kind in Kolhapur because of its infrastructure and curriculum.

Furthermore, the curriculum extends to SPA, promising a holistic experience for every child. The Sports and Performing Arts facilities are an initiative to ensure the overall development of a child through activities like swimming, basketball, gymnastics, and football. Here, our students also learn dance, speech and drama.

Having successfully established itself as a renowned chain of schools in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Vadodara, VIBGYOR High now strives to be the institution of choice in Kolhapur, preferred by students and parents for its contemporary means of education.

We pride ourselves on the teacher student ratio of 1:10, which ensures individual attention and guarantees quality of learning for each child.

For the second year in a row, Education World India New Delhi Declared VIBGYOR HIGH Kolhapur as the top ranking and Number 1 Day Co Education School in Kolhapur in India School Ranking 2013 and 2014.


VIBGYOR High Kolhapur offers following boards
• Cambridge Assessment International Education ( Cambridge International )


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Parent Testimonials

Ms. Anshita & Hitesh Mahajan

Ms. Anshita & Hitesh Mahajan
Parent From

Mr. Varun Jain

Mr. Varun Jain shares the challenges he faced during the initial stage of the pandemic and appreciates the efforts made by the VIBGYOR Group of Schools in putting together a smooth process with Virtual Learning Sessions and also guiding our dear children and parents through it all. He also acknowledges the quality of education and the holistic approach VIBGYOR High delivers despite the pressures the current situation entails. He is thankful to all the teachers and the VIBGYOR group for its commendable contribution for taking physical schooling to Virtual Learning Sessions without a hint of any change!

Mr. Varun Jain
Parent From

Ms. Kashish Debmani

Ms. Kashish Debmani
Parent From

Ms. Swati Salunkhe
Ms. Swati Salunkhe describes her kids' experience of making progress as an athlete and the manner in which the SPA team encourages all the students' best outcomes with commendable guidance and work together to achieve the extraordinary! She appreciates the efforts put in by the VIBGYOR Group despite the challenges and the focus with which the team works towards a kids' growth and enrichment.

Ms. Swati Salunkhe
Parent From Kolhpur (Uchgaon)

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