Day Care Facility

< Day Care with a Difference

  1. Individual care and attention
  2. Well designed and structured time table
  3. Professional and dedicated faculty
  4. Child centric enrichment programme with unique methodology
  5. Well equipped play room with child friendly toys
  6. Delicious and nutritious meals
  7. Transport Facility
  8. Fully air conditioned spacious rooms
  9. Indoor/Outdoor play area
  10. Picnics and Field trips
  11. Doll house and sand pit activities

< Educational

  1. Cognitive development
  2. Assistance for assignments and projects
Eg:- presentations, experiments, interactive games, picnics, etc.

< Physical

  1. Structured curriculum
  2. Sporting activities and gross motor programme
  3. Physical fitness coupled with mental alertness
Eg:- hoopla activity, jungle gym, etc.

Enrichment >

  1. Concentration and memory
  2. Progressive thinking
Eg:- puzzles, quiz, memory games, treasure hunt, etc.

< Creativity

  1. Enhances team and individual skills
  2. Encourages curiosity and promotes divergence
Eg:- collage and puppet making, picture sequencing, finger painting, vegetable printing, etc.

< Social

  1. Self expression through fun based activities
  2. Personality building
  3. Stage confidence
  4. Group learning
Eg:- role play, debates, story sessions, music and movement, etc.
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