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School in Coimbatore (Uppilipalayam): Best CBSE School

Vibgyor High has made a reputation for itself as one of the most sought after CBSE schools on Coimbatore. So, if you reside in and around Coimbatore Uppilipalayam area, then you can choose a safe learning space for your child by choosing Vibgyor High.

Vibgyor High Coimbatore facility, spread over 2 acres on Kamarajar Road and a four-storeyed structure with air conditioned classrooms and other amenities, with capacity to house 2,500 students. CBSE schools in Coimbatore also have excellent facilities to ensure the all-round development of students.

Vibgyor High is one of the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore Uppilipalayam.

VIBGYOR Group of Schools, a leading of chain of K-12 schools in India, is known for creating a safe and secure environment for young minds that allows them to grow intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

On a mission to spread quality education within the reach of all the children, the school’s educational philosophy centers on the thought to challenge, encourage and nurture young minds, preparing them for the demanding new world.

With a balanced mix of curricular and co-curricular activities, students get a variety of platforms that fosters their innate talents and helps them become lifelong bearers of skills and progressive thinkers. We are one of the best schools in Coimbatore.

The plan of the best CBSE Schools in Coimbatore is designed with a purpose to provide safe and secure environment to students. The state-of-the-art infrastructure has large, ventilated classrooms and activity-specific dedicated areas.

Apart from providing the right ambience to facilitate the growth of the children, CBSE schools in Coimbatore has on offer the following facilities:

  • Integrated and Scripted Curriculum
  • Dynamic Sports and Performing Arts
  • Unmatched Safety and Security Measures
  • Post School Activity
  • Personalised Learning Centre and much more…


VIBGYOR High – Coimbatore will offer following boards:
• Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE )

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Here are some frequently asked questions about schools in Coimbatore.

Vibgyor High, Schools in Coimbatore are conducting online lectures. Study material for Schools in Coimbatore is also provided online in forms of digital medium such as mail, WhatsApp, etc. If willing to enroll at the schools in Coimbatore nearby then it is best to seek information prior to have a clear idea about their terms and conditions in the current situation.

Vibgyor Group of top schools in Coimbatore provides safe and reliable air-conditioned bus transportation to students who wish to avail this facility. The school has a luxury & air-conditioned fleet of buses with the best of safety arrangements available for the neighboring areas. Vibgyor Group of top schools in Coimbatore buses are accompanied by well-trained attendants/ escorts to ensure their safety.

Best School in Coimbatore (Uppilipalayam), Vibgyor High building is spacious, well planned with good architectural features. It has good ventilation in all the classrooms along with facilities like fans, lights, benches, chairs, backboard, etc. Vibgyor High best school in Coimbatore have facilities such as laboratories, art and crafts workshops, multimedia room, school office, theatre and many more.

Colorful, airy and well-equipped AC classrooms are amenities provided by good school in Coimbatore. Dining, bus facilities and extended day care facilities. Facilities for indoor and outdoor sports like skating, basketball, swimming and cricket.

Vibgyor High, best school in Coimbatore plays an important part in the learning process of the school as it’s a counterpart of the school’s infrastructure. It should be located in a place where it’s quiet and calm with a soothing ambience for the students to concentrate better.

Here are some of the key elements be considered while selecting a top 10 schools in Coimbatore.

  • 1. Location: The location of a school has an enormous significance. Vibgyor High Coimbatore should be far away from the noises and the polluting atmosphere where the child can easily absorb what is being taught in school.
  • 2. Ambience: The ambience should be calm, spacious with good amenities and utilities in a visually appealing landscape.
  • 3. Classrooms: There should be adequate classrooms and top 10 schools in Bangalore look pleasant with good painting and decorations.
  • 4. Library: It plays an important part in the learning process of the school as it’s a counterpart of the school’s infrastructure.
  • 5. Laboratories: Science laboratories of top 10 schools in Bangalore help students to understand concepts of science by conducting experiments.

Vibgyor High is one of the CBSE schools in Coimbatore and is affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. Vibgyor High Bannergatta, best CBSE School in Coimbatore has some of the best CBSE schools offering world class education. Schools here offer a good combination of academics and co-curricular activities.

Due to below feature CBSE Curriculum/Board is best in Coimbatore

  • 1. Vibgyor High CBSE school in Coimbatore offer the flexibility and freedom to choose from a large number of optional subjects, depending upon the student's interest.
  • 2. Vibgyor High CBSE School Coimbatore follows different teaching methods where a combination of modern technology like digital-teaching aids, smart classrooms etc.
  • 3. CBSE Schools Coimbatore follows different teaching methods where a combination of modern technology like digital-teaching aids, smart classrooms etc.

CBSE board is offered by School in Coimbatore near Uppilipalayam.

The CBSE syllabus of best schools in Coimbatore is designed to prepare students for various entrance exams such as the IIT-JEE and AIIMS. Also, CBSE follows the guidelines of National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) across all subjects. This gives uniformity in education which is CBSE's advantage over other boards.

CBSE follows a scientific approach wherein students for schools in Coimbatore are supposed to appear for only 1 question paper per subject. This relieves children of unnecessary pressure of exams and instead lets them take interest in the subject.

Top school in Coimbatore fee varies depending upon the grade of the student, type of board, school type, etc. Hence, it is suggested to inquire in the respective school.


Tamil Nadu
Coimbatore (Uppilipalayam)

No 483( SF No 416/1,416/4), Kamarajar Road,
Near Balasubramaniya Mills , Uppilipalayam P.O, Coimbatore - 641015
Tel - +91 86575 35901 / 86575 35902

+91 - 8657 535 901
+91 - 8657 535 902

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