Why this Blog

VIBGYOR High always strives towards excellence and making its students not only better future leaders but also better thinkers. With this in mind, VIBGYOR High is launching its blog which will be for:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Students

For Parents, a blog is a great place to collaborate with other parents, learn tricks of the trade and contribute stories for the benefit of other parents. You can meet new people, inspire them and get inspired.

A teacher’s work never stops! Their work is not just to teach their subject. You can use this blog to talk about tips and classroom strategies that have worked/not worked, share interesting stories from class, your fears and dreams.

Writing a blog will not only help students write better but also help in organizing their thoughts – and thus make them better thinkers. It will develop their eye for meaningful things, which they can then share with their peers. It will make them well-rounded individuals with more perspective on different things.