What to Expect When You Are Attending VIBGYORMUN

Come June, and we have more than 500 students across India and abroad keenly awaiting ‘VIBGYORMUN’.  The three days of highly stimulated debate sessions are soaked with vigour and vivacity. This is an arena to voice your opinions, pass resolutions, formulate policies and make new friends, respect difference in opinions and appreciate similarity in thoughts and ideologies.

The newest generation is well seeded with knowledge, layered with reassurances from their peers and mentors. The plethora of information they possess finds a channel through VIBGYORMUN, to express themselves via debates, discussions, deliberations and denials.

Year on year, we have witnessed  VIBGYORMUN grow bigger and better with prominent and influential speakers, seasoned and well informed Executive Board Members, young and motivated Chairs and Co Chairs. Our students have so much to imbibe and absorb, each day more challenging than the previous one.

VIBGYORMUN is one of the most sought after MUNs because of its magnitude and dynamism.  The extremely professional approach ensures a revelation of one’s personality. It has been an amazing experience to watch the first time MUNners transform to confident spokespersons, fearlessly speaking out their mind, loud and clear.

All the best for yet another enriching season of VIBGYORMUN!

Tanya Gulrajani, Principal, VIBGYOR High – Goregaon

New Hopes for the New Year 2018

With awards galore, the excellent results in each and every VIBGYOR school, the local, city, state and national level achievements of our young learners and the success of Viva 9, our inter school and college Sports and Cultural Fest, in 2017, the cup of life is full.

Having bid adieu to 2017 with a heart full of gratitude, I look forward to 2018 with a sense of renewed hopes and a firm focus on what lies ahead. It is certainly a pleasing thought that the next VHMUN (VIBGYOR High Model United Nations) is going to be held in Bengaluru. After 7 remarkable years, this premier event, which was earlier based in Mumbai, is now going to be the highlight of 2018 down south in the garden city of India. Much has to be imbibed by our team in Bengaluru which is in charge of organising the conference. Certainly a time of immense change and an opportunity for avid MUNers there to participate in one of the most prestigious and much awaited MUNs in the country.

Meanwhile, the flagship school of the new VIBGYOR Roots and Rise chain of niche schools offering the CBSE curriculum became functional in the academic year beginning in 2017. Situated in Malad, the school has received a very good response from parents. I am overwhelmed. Our newest VIBGYOR High in Kharghar too has created waves and has become the most preferred school in the area in its very first year. I look forward to it becoming an established entity.

The VIBGYOR Group has always been in the forefront of innovation in the educational sphere, a leading chain of schools, spread over 4 states in India, spearheading the needful overhauling required in the world today and specifically our nation. Our new initiatives are being implemented and quite a few changes are on the anvil.

With these uplifting thoughts propelling me to work towards the enhancement of the students’ academic and overall welfare, I wish all my readers a very Happy New Year 2018…!

VIBGYOR Model United Nations 2017 Addresses Topic of Climate Change

The 7th year of the VIBGYOR Model United Nations, an educational perspective on the functioning of the United Nations General Assembly, commenced on the morning of 29th June, 2017. The VHMUN was an event in which students took up roles of delegates of various UN councils, and debated over various global issues as representatives of different nations.

Through VHMUN, the participants come to understand the working mechanism of an international system, and move towards finding mutually beneficial solutions that promote peace and cooperation between the nations. This year’s VHMUN revolved around the topic ‘Climate Change’, an issue of concern world-wide. Over 500 students from VIBGYOR schools, as well as other institutions around the country, participated in this momentous event.

Optimized-A16A4475Renowned advocate, ocean lover, and environmentalist, Afroz Shah, the man who cleaned up Versova Beach in Mumbai and has been the recipient of the ‘Champions of the Earth’ award by the United Nations, was one of the key speakers at VHMUN 2017. He was joined by Padma Shri award winner, Ajeet Bajaj, who was the first Indian to undertake expeditions to the North and South Poles, and is also a member of the Himalayan Environment Trust and the Outstanding Speaker’s Bureau in India. The opening ceremony was graced by the presence of actor Neil Nitin Mukesh. Neil has been part of the Volkswagen ‘Think Blue’ campaign that focused on creating awareness about water scarcity, and other environmental issues.

Optimized-A16A4576Mr. Rustom Kerawalla, Chairman of VIBGYOR Group of Schools, was also present for the event. In response to the overwhelming number of participants and spectators at the event, Mr. Kerawalla said, “Education for us is what the child learns through his/her own experiences. It is our responsibility to provide them with the right opportunities. Over the years, VHMUN has become a distinctive forum for students to voice their opinions. Moreover, it has served as a platform for them to meet, debate, deliberate, consult and discuss issues pertaining to international relations in a diplomatic way. Activities like these help the students to tap their inherent potential and build confidence which prepares them for real life challenges.”

The VHMUN proceedings took place over a course of three days, during which time, each of the participants got a chance to voice their opinions regarding the issue they were addressing, and took a stand that they believed would be more beneficial for the country they were representing. Some of the key topics that were covered over this period were Sustainable Development Goals for Climate Change, Combating Illegal Trade in Wildlife, Implications of Foreign Military Bases, Human Rights Violations by Philippines in light of their Campaign against Drug Use and Abuse, Cuban Missile Crisis, Standards of Intervention with Special Reference to the Indo Pak Border Conflict, and Humanitarian Situation in the Region of Balochistan.

Mr. Ajeet Bajaj spoke at the closing ceremony, sharing his wise words and good wishes with everyone present. He shared some pictures of his expeditions and connected with the crowd effortlessly.

VHMUN 2017 witnessed a great number of impressive speeches and debates, as the future leaders of the world took on these international issues with determination and diplomacy. It came to a close with an award ceremony, acknowledging all the hard work and talent that went behind this successful event.