Points to Remember During Exam Time

Are you stressed due to your upcoming exams? Don’t be! Let us look at how we can help you lessen your stress and make the entire examination process smooth.

Remember the following points and we are sure you won’t be tensed during the exams.

Remember 3 C’s: Calm, Concentrate and connect

Most of the students panic during exam time. They prepare for the whole year for these days and finally when the exam days approach, they develop the fear of exams. Remember to remain calm, concentrate on your studies and stay well connected with the subjects you find difficult.

Proper planning of the syllabus:

It is a must to plan your day with certain target of completion of studies .This will set a timeline for you and will help you complete the portion on time.

Make sure there is enough time for revision before the exams and avoid reading any new topics at the last minute.

Healthy food:

Eat healthy and homemade food. It’s very important to remain fit and fine for the preparation of the exams so avoid outside food and eat lot of vegetables and fruits for healthy mind and body. Keep water bottle near you while studying as drinking water at regular intervals will keep fatigue at bay.

Avoid unnecessary discussions with the friends:

Discuss with your friends only if they can solve your subject related problems, avoid discussing how much portion they have covered. If your friends are lacking in the completion of their portion, then psychologically you will relax thinking you are ahead of them and if they are ahead then this could be the reason for you to panic and lose concentration.

Meditation and Yoga:

We understand it’s difficult to devote time for exercises during exam time but mediation for few minutes will help improve your concentration and breathing exercise will reduce fatigue.

Avoid electronic gadgets:

Never keep your mobile phones near you while studying as this diverts your attention. Choose place where there will be no distraction like T.V, music, etc…

Leisure time for rejuvenation:

Spare some time to have fun and enjoy some leisure time at regular intervals, which will help you rejuvenate and you can get back to studies with full spirit.

Trust yourself:

Be confident and self-motivator. Exams are not the end of the world but they are a part of the school/college life and education system.  Life is full of opportunities so enjoy every phase of the life.


Ms. Sheetal Varma,
Principal, VIBGYOR Rise – Chinchwad (Pune)

How to Talk to Children so that they Listen

We are well into the New Year 2019 now. As parents and educators, one of our New Year resolutions should be about spending more time talking to children…especially the school going ones – how to talk to them so that they listen, is what worries us most. This would surely be an intriguing topic for some of us, a non topic for others, but it is nonetheless an important one.

The 21st Century has thrown up many challenges, not the least of them being the problem of face to face communication. With the advent of newer means of technology at our disposal and the proliferation of hand held and portable devices for communication on the rampant increase, personal conversations have become rare occurrences with people resorting to con calls, audio and video chats, SMS and Whatsapp messages as well as connectivity on other social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. Even official discussions, meetings, seminars and conferences are now being conducted over Skype and Zoom and other such mediums. Hangouts is one of the ways in which the younger generation actually hangs out! In such a scenario, how do parents and teachers connect with children who are more comfortable with online and virtual conversations than the ones in real life? No wonder some of us may feel a sense of disconnect with our children when in their physical company.

The answer does not lie in resorting to messaging or video calling our children and learners but in using the following simple tips to connect with the children who mean the most to us.

When talking to children we should:

  1. Smile and greet our children when we meet them at any time of the day. A smile is a great way to connect and radiate warmth that envelops and cheers up the children. When we say ‘Hello’, or ‘Good Morning’, we will get a reply which can then lead on to the next step as the connection is established. Maybe we can even have our own special ways of greeting our children.
  2. Ask leading to and open ended questions like, ‘So, how was your day?’, ‘What are you thinking about now?’, ‘What is it that I can do for you?’, ‘How have you and your friends been doing in school?’ or even something as simple as, ‘Which subject/time of the day/snack/book/movie do you like the most? And why?’. These can be great conversation starters.
  3. Give ample time to our child/learner. Set aside time for the conversation. Children too, just like us, love to be heard patiently. Let us respect that. Do not try to close conversations in a hurry. Do not raise your voice. Do not keep looking over their shoulders or here and there while talking. Look at the child/learner in their eyes, but do not stare. That would be disconcerting. Though, one should be firm, in a polite and friendly manner, in case the child/learner does not follow the decorum of the conversation.
  4. No matter what turn the conversation takes, let us not forget to smile at times, nod our head, use appropriate, non threatening body language, and most importantly, listen to them when they talk so that they may return the favour when we have something to say.
  5. Speak in a positive, encouraging tone. Instead of asking, ‘Was the test difficult to attempt?’, we should instead ask, ‘Which question in the test did you find the most exciting?’. A statement such as. ’As you haven’t been doing any reading, I don’t think your language will improve!’ could demoralize children and put them off reading. It would be far better to say, ‘Over the holidays you could read this book. It seems to be enjoyable!’.

There are many more ways to make a conversation interesting for children. Let us begin by using these 5 crucial tips which will be most beneficial to us. Let’s begin talking in the way our children would love to listen to us!

Importance of Integrating Play into the Curriculum

As it is rightly said, “Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play, children learn how to learn.”O. Fred Donaldson

Teaching through play has always been close to my heart as I believe; play is a gateway and the foundation of learning. Through play, children learn all the critical skills that are needed to succeed and be engaged in the world. Learning, as we are all aware is different for every child because each one learns at his/her own pace, learning in his/her own style, and guided by his/her own intelligence. Through self-directed play, children make choices and decisions, confront uncertainty, overcome fears, and learn to work together as a team. Especially in recent times, ‘Play’ plays an important role to develop skills that are required in the present world. It is also observed that when teaching children, Teachers need to think out-of-the-box to keep learning engaging and fun.

We as Educators must focus on developing the 4 important C’s – Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity and Collaboration. The need of the hour is to hone these soft-skills that will ensure that a child will be best prepared to engage in the futuristic workplace while having successful and meaningful relationships in life.

In schools, we rarely set out to learn by playing. Instead of dismissing it as ‘just fun’, one must understand that play is a very important activity that children use in order to learn about and interact with the world, to develop their mental, physical and social skills which are required to succeed in their adult lives. Children learn concepts best through play and the power of play is seen when children master the concepts through fun, rather than learning in a mundane theory class.

At VIBGYOR, we place emphasis on teaching concepts in a stress-free environment through play, where each concept is taught keeping the child’s pace and interest in mind. Through play and integrated learning, we realise that we can put children on a discovery path to lifelong learning, innovation and creativity.  One of the major distinctive facts which set VIBGYOR Group of Schools apart is the integration of SPA (Sports & the Performing Arts) curriculum with in-classroom learning. The exposure that is given to the child through various SPA activities further facilitates the development of kinesthetic and spatial skills. Our aim is to provide a rich environment for our young learners and to develop their natural curiosity and creativity. The activity-based curriculum of VIBGYOR focuses on offering children unique opportunities for playfulness – to explore, engage and connect with the world we live in.

As Vince Gowmon pertinently reminds us that, ‘Play is the language of children. Have you spoken it to them lately?. As Educators, it is our duty to constantly remind ourselves this and ensure that play is always protected and an integral part of children’s learning.

Ms. Seethalakshmi,
Principal, VIBGYOR High – Horamavu, Bengaluru

Selecting the Right School

Due to the mushrooming of numerous educational institutions all over India, parents have a plethora of options to choose from when selecting a school for their children or when changing from one school to another. There is an array of boards, statewide, national and international; and myriad curricular and co curricular subjects and activities which can be mind boggling and create a real dilemma! With the admissions season on in full swing, the question arises: Which school to choose and why?

Here’s a helpful and purposeful list of the various features that you could count as advantages: the proximity of the school to your place of residence; the curriculum that would best suit the abilities of your child, specially keeping an eye out as to how it would affect future studies, thus selecting the course most apt to lead the student towards a particular career; the qualified and accredited teachers, who will have the maximum interaction with learners, and are the ‘heart’ of any school, so their sensibility, passion, expertise and commitment would be one criteria that can be really decisive; an experienced resource department which would deal with the concerns of SEN (Special Educational Needs) students; and the fee structure, which suits your budget.

Additionally, parents should also look at the facilities and amenities offered such as – Science and IT labs, play areas, library, good infrastructure in the classroom, seating arrangement and use of modern technological teaching devices; a good SPA programme with students able to choose from a number of sports for e.g. swimming, basketball, cricket, football and others; school clubs like a speech and drama club, an environment club, a literary club and many more; connectivity with the larger world in the form of international activities such as student exchange programmes and skype sessions; the attention paid by the school on students’ safety with trained and efficient security personnel keeping an eye on the children right from the school gate to the corridors, the installation of CCTV would certainly be an added advantage; trained ancillary staff who would be sensitive to the needs of the learners; the transport system well in place with GPS tracking in the school buses and an ancillary staff member accompanying the children to and from school; the cleanliness too would be a crucial aspect as well as a canteen serving freshly made nutritious food; a strong PTA would be a distinct benefit as it speaks of the connection between the two important stakeholders in your children’s education process – you and the teachers.

All these points mentioned above would combine to create a positive overall atmosphere in the school which would be conducive to the well being of your children and enhance their learning experience. We, at VIBGYOR are committed to excellence in education and providing all round support to the learners under our care.

Remember a happy school is a healthy school! So, dear parents, please choose wisely for the sake of your children.

To Sir/Ma’am With Love

I remember what a student told me some years ago: ‘Ma’am, I respect soldiers and teachers the most. Soldiers, because they safeguard the nation, and teachers, because they build it.’ Such words of wisdom from one so young, a mere 15 year old, gratified me and reaffirmed my faith in my chosen profession.

Everyone wishes to pick the best in whatever they have to select – the best home, clothes, cars, a candidate for a political post, a job, an employee, ingredients for a recipe, equipment for a gym, toys and books for children, art installations, movies, music, technology related items, players for different sports teams, infrastructure and furniture for a building or complex…the list is endless. Everywhere there is a demand for the best.

However, teachers do not get to pick and choose the students they want. They do not even wish to. They are happy with the students they get. And there is a beautiful and powerful reason for this. True teachers simply do not sift through the list of children to keep the ‘best’ for themselves because they think that each child is the best in something or the other. Each child is unique. Each child has a special talent. Each child has something endearing and lovable about her or him. Each child is a challenge and each child is eventually a winner.

Teachers give endlessly of their love and knowledge. In return, all they ask for is love, respect, hard work and integrity.

This is what a teacher is all about. With teachers’ day having been celebrated just about a week ago, let us all strive to make everyday a tribute to our teachers. Let it not be limited to a token day once a year.

Let every day be a HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY!
Outside of books, beyond studies,
Outside of class, beyond syllabus,
Outside of marks, beyond grades,
There’s that One,

Who gives you time, effort, love and guidance.
That’s your Teacher, like no other!
Be grateful, for the one you had.
Be extremely proud, if you are one!
You’re precious! You’re special!

Yeh Dil Maange More….

VIBGYOR High Marathahalli gave us a fantastic opportunity to host one of the Dutch students for one week. Initially even the thought of accepting a foreign student was a bit scary.

Concerns, concerns – Will she be comfortable, what will she eat, what if she feels home sick, and would we be good hosts? Eventually, we set all the worries aside and embraced the adventurous route. Nevertheless, it was rewarding.

Not just us as host family, I am sure each of the participants had a truly rewarding experience from this student exchange programme and it will have an everlasting long-term effect on their life. Friends, even brand new friends, make all the difference in the world, literally.

Meticulously planned and executed daily events for different interest groups by the school management and parents created a strong connection. We formed an inclusive family and had the sweetest of lifetime memories.

With satisfying our inquisitiveness about the foreign culture, languages, the food, weather and the endless conversations, the week just flew by.

The pleasant experience is difficult to encapsulate in words- truly overwhelming.

I firmly believe it’s off to a great start and not the end. Looking forward to it.

Yeh Dil Maange More….

M. Gupta

Father of Kanishka Gupta,VIII ‘B’

VIBGYOR High, Marathahalli