What to Expect When You Are Attending VIBGYORMUN

Come June, and we have more than 500 students across India and abroad keenly awaiting ‘VIBGYORMUN’.  The three days of highly stimulated debate sessions are soaked with vigour and vivacity. This is an arena to voice your opinions, pass resolutions, formulate policies and make new friends, respect difference in opinions and appreciate similarity in thoughts and ideologies.

The newest generation is well seeded with knowledge, layered with reassurances from their peers and mentors. The plethora of information they possess finds a channel through VIBGYORMUN, to express themselves via debates, discussions, deliberations and denials.

Year on year, we have witnessed  VIBGYORMUN grow bigger and better with prominent and influential speakers, seasoned and well informed Executive Board Members, young and motivated Chairs and Co Chairs. Our students have so much to imbibe and absorb, each day more challenging than the previous one.

VIBGYORMUN is one of the most sought after MUNs because of its magnitude and dynamism.  The extremely professional approach ensures a revelation of one’s personality. It has been an amazing experience to watch the first time MUNners transform to confident spokespersons, fearlessly speaking out their mind, loud and clear.

All the best for yet another enriching season of VIBGYORMUN!

Tanya Gulrajani, Principal, VIBGYOR High – Goregaon

Innovative Formative Assessments at VIBGYOR

Formative Assessments are conducted in all schools worldwide to gain an understanding of the learners’ progress over the academic year. They also enable teachers to implement their classroom methodologies and strategies better. These assessments can be both quantitative as well as qualitative. We are also highly concerned about creating and supporting a culture of mindfulness and community service through some of our innovative formative appraisal endeavours.

Here are some examples of quantitative assessments:

  1. Cyclic/Scheduled Timed Tests with MCQs, Objective Questions from the Textbooks
  2. Subjective Questions based on the Textual Portion
  3. Vivas based on the syllabus content

These are a few types of qualitative assessments:

  1. Class Discussions and Debates
  2. PPT Presentations and Paper Readings
  3. Enactment, Audio Visual Performances, Listening and Speaking Tests
  4. Individual and Class Projects

At VIBGYOR High we have a healthy mix of both qualitative and quantitative assessments so as to estimate the holistic development of the learners and gain a perceptive overview of their progress.

  • We have creative writing tests where learners respond to interesting and exciting narrative and descriptive topics and write their compositions giving free rein to their thoughts.
  • Persuasive and argumentative topics hone their skills of discussion and negotiation.
  • Comprehension passages are carefully selected, keeping the learners’ interests and world view in mind when devising the questions based on the prose passages, drama extracts and poems chosen.
  • Pictures and images are given and learners are exhorted to reply to thought provoking questions or write entire essays.
  • Some exceptional assessments based on subjects like Art give our talented artists myriad opportunities to exercise their imagination and intelligence.
  • Case studies are a part of some of the tests which challenge the thinking and problem solving skills of our young learners.
  • The individual and class projects focus on a number of activities: newspaper /plastic collection and recycling; data collection through surveys and interviews; exchange of handmade gifts among classmates to strengthen ties; learning to conduct a business through actual setting up of small businesses (like food and game stalls) in the school premises on special days; and many more.

At VIBGYOR High, our learners are our world and we show them glimpses of the world through these Formative Assessments. In time, they are ready to face and overcome the challenges of the world!

And the Winner is….

The outstanding performances of the VIBGYOR students reflected in the recently declared CISCE and CAIE Board Exam Results are certainly a cause for rejoicing and celebration.

They are a testimony to the stupendous hardwork and diligence of our students and the academic and support staff as well as the continuous efforts of the other stake holders — the parents and the management. It is a pleasure to know that students are being nurtured in a caring environment which facilitates them to aim for the highest academic achievements.

However, we, at the VIBGYOR Group of Schools, have always looked at our endeavours with an all encompassing vision. Education goes beyond academics and marks and grades and rankings. For us, all students are winners as they are on a lifelong journey of learning. Many children have their own unique talent whether in the arts or sports or entertainment or a vocational subject. Some children are sensitive and sensible and humane. A few display both talent and humanity. Our schools respect and appreciate each and every student who enters our portals. So, at VIBGYOR, each child is important. While all achievements are valued, they are not the be all and end all of education. We sincerely believe in the concept of education beyond the expectation of achievements. It is more about the fulfillment of one’s singular purpose in life. And that is gaining excellence in whichever sphere you choose for yourself. It may be as simple a purpose as being happy.

For me a smile on the face of a student makes my day. As an educationist I have always encouraged my students and my teachers:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

These heartfelt words by the poet William Blake resonate so much with me and are a part of my philosophy of life. This is what we, at VIBGYOR, have worked steadfastly and tirelessly to inculcate in our school culture.

With that, I wish all the students around the globe a blissful, blessed and insightful academic year full of self discovery and the joy of learning and evolving, and gaining a better understanding of the world. Also, a shout out to all the teachers who are striving relentlessly to brighten up their students’ lives.

Making a Difference!

Plastic has almost been declared the No. 1 enemy of Planet Earth. Plastic bags and bottles are on the endangered list of commodities in India with Maharashtra set to enforce a ban on certain types of plastic following the example of 17 other states. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle have been watchwords from decades. However, now they have gained more significance, especially in the light of the recent developments.

The ominous news that more than 200 cities all over the globe are facing acute water crisis and 10 cities may, in the near future, run out of water is indeed an eye opener. Bengaluru too is on the list and that surely is alarming for people living in our garden city. People in Cape Town, South Africa, are bracing themselves for Day Zero – when there will be absolutely no water in their city. There are many such horrifying scenarios being awaited elsewhere too.

Nevertheless, there is also a growing understanding and mindfulness pervading many places. There are remedies being sought and viable solutions are emerging. Water management strategies are being devised: rainwater harvesting, the way in which crops are being selected for cultivation, planting vertical gardens, harnessing the ocean’s water through desalination are now among the many options being explored, among other environmental efforts.

Some days back, my heart leapt up in delight when I found out about the return of the Olive Ridley turtles to Versova Beach in Mumbai after a hiatus of 20 years. This is a victory for the beach cleanup efforts of Mr Afroz Shah and his dedicated group of volunteers. The VIBGYOR Group of Schools is proud of our association with this stupendous humanitarian and environmentally friendly work.

There are many crucial sustainability initiatives that all our VIBGYOR schools are promoting. The foremost among them is the banning plastic initiative and the water conservation initiative. Our schools are promoting environmental consciousness and spreading awareness among the students about these socially relevant topics and year long plans have been drawn up and implemented.

Let us all begin in our own small ways to save our beloved Earth.

Let Us Build Bridges

As an educationist any aspect of change in the teacher student relationship impacts me deeply and leads me to introspect and reflect on my role in modern day India. We have long been proud of our traditional methods of education and such hallowed relationships like the one between the teacher and the learner (the guru and the shishya) have been seen as sacrosanct.

Recently there have been many instances which portray this beautiful relationship in a new light – not always positive. Are these rare incidences or do they symbolise the deep chasm that seems to have developed between the tutor and the taught and are they a sign of the times? This has struck at the very basic root of the educational system in India and has created unease and led to soul searching. Indeed it is a wakeup call. If only we could open our eyes, look with compassion and listen with our hearts.

More than that, we have to lend our ears to the pleas of the teaching fraternity toiling under great duress and struggling to enlighten the minds of the future citizens of our nation. Education should be the one area of constant revision, change and improvement for any country which seeks to establish itself as a world power. Revolutionary progress is much needed at all levels of our education system. A complete overhauling of the system and a more open minded approach to teaching and learning should be our clarion call.

Much needs to be done. A constructive and effective dialogue has to be set up between the teachers, the parents and the students. The channels of communication and facilitation should be opened and widened so as to allow for more awareness and understanding. Parents and teachers both have a great impact on the psyche of a young child. If the home environment is conducive and children are encouraged to respect their teachers, then the school too will become a place of illumination and learning. Creating an optimistic feeling towards school and teachers will only help parents to enable their children to establish strong bonds with their alma mater and their teachers. Similarly, school staff too needs to be sensitised to the pressures faced by parents and children today and be facilitated to handle them with sensitivity and sensibility. This will lead to mutual respect and acceptance and further strengthening of the teacher student symbiotic relationship.

Let us begin this noble task. Let us build bridges. Let us make platforms that will enable our future citizens to fly high.

New Hopes for the New Year 2018

With awards galore, the excellent results in each and every VIBGYOR school, the local, city, state and national level achievements of our young learners and the success of Viva 9, our inter school and college Sports and Cultural Fest, in 2017, the cup of life is full.

Having bid adieu to 2017 with a heart full of gratitude, I look forward to 2018 with a sense of renewed hopes and a firm focus on what lies ahead. It is certainly a pleasing thought that the next VHMUN (VIBGYOR High Model United Nations) is going to be held in Bengaluru. After 7 remarkable years, this premier event, which was earlier based in Mumbai, is now going to be the highlight of 2018 down south in the garden city of India. Much has to be imbibed by our team in Bengaluru which is in charge of organising the conference. Certainly a time of immense change and an opportunity for avid MUNers there to participate in one of the most prestigious and much awaited MUNs in the country.

Meanwhile, the flagship school of the new VIBGYOR Roots and Rise chain of niche schools offering the CBSE curriculum became functional in the academic year beginning in 2017. Situated in Malad, the school has received a very good response from parents. I am overwhelmed. Our newest VIBGYOR High in Kharghar too has created waves and has become the most preferred school in the area in its very first year. I look forward to it becoming an established entity.

The VIBGYOR Group has always been in the forefront of innovation in the educational sphere, a leading chain of schools, spread over 4 states in India, spearheading the needful overhauling required in the world today and specifically our nation. Our new initiatives are being implemented and quite a few changes are on the anvil.

With these uplifting thoughts propelling me to work towards the enhancement of the students’ academic and overall welfare, I wish all my readers a very Happy New Year 2018…!