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  • Dot—Distillation of Thoughts

    Dot—Distillation of Thoughts

    The first step towards manifestation of your intention is to distil your random thoughts.Thoughts which are aligned towards a common outcome are said to be coherent.They have much more energy than the thoughts which contradict each other. Manifestation requires energy. Thoughts which focus upon negative outcomes deplete your vital brain energy.They are a waste of…

  • “My son doesn’t wear a label, he owns it.”

    “My son doesn’t wear a label, he owns it.”

    When I embarked on this journey of becoming a special educator, it was because of my son. Early on I realised he was slightly different from others, even his own brother. His differences were not so apparent in the early years where academics is not a focus but as soon as he hit grade two…

  • The Dutch Experience

    The Dutch Experience

    With my passport to new beginnings in hand, and my school friends, Principal and teacher by my side, I set off on what would be one of the most priceless expeditions of my student life at VIBGYOR. One filled with the awe of adventure: the palpable eagerness to board the flight and fly away, for…