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Reading: A Healthy Habit

Amrita Mishra (2)
“An apple a day keeps a doctor away”, as rightly said, our body needs healthy food for its nourishment, so that we live longer and healthier. But, what about our brain; how does it work and how can we make it healthier. As most learned people in the world would believe, reading a book is [&helli

The Power of Pinkathon

Pinkathon blog banner (1)
How many of us are aware of the fight that multitudes of women have to prepare for every year? The fight for life, for freedom, for being an empowered, healthy individual – this is a battle that’s estimated to involve over 1797900 Indian women by the year 2020 against a single, looming threat

5 Lessons You Can Learn From the Spirit of Childhood

Spirit of Childhood blog banner
Have you ever caught yourself dreaming about the days you were a child? Ever wanted to go back to those carefree, fun-loving days? Whether it is boldness, a spirited nature, or looking forward to a new day, there are various qualities that we attribute to children and reminisce about. Here are 5 lif

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