Month: October 2018

  • The Witch Hunt

    The Witch Hunt

    Between February 1692 and May 1693, more than two hundred people in colonial-era Salem, Massachusettes were falsely accused of practicing witchcraft, and 19 of them were executed. More than three centuries later, the Salem witch trials remain one of the most disconcerting and harrowing events in American history and an example of a society was…

  • Be Happy! Be Strong!

    Be Happy! Be Strong!

    World Mental Health Day was marked on 10 October 2018. Despite the advancements in many spheres in our country, Mental Health is still stigmatised on a collective level. We need to relook into this very seriously and embrace a positive understanding of how we all can take care of ourselves and not fall prey to…

  • Codependency


    Codependency is characterised by emotional dependencies in a┬árelationship, to an extent that the giving is one-sided and so excessive that it hurts the giver. Codependency begins early with parents passing it unknowingly, despite best intentions. How? By being a super parent! You believe you know the best for your child and so it is you…