To Sir/Ma’am With Love

I remember what a student told me some years ago: ‘Ma’am, I respect soldiers and teachers the most. Soldiers, because they safeguard the nation, and teachers, because they build it.’ Such words of wisdom from one so young, a mere 15 year old, gratified me and reaffirmed my faith in my chosen profession.

Everyone wishes to pick the best in whatever they have to select – the best home, clothes, cars, a candidate for a political post, a job, an employee, ingredients for a recipe, equipment for a gym, toys and books for children, art installations, movies, music, technology related items, players for different sports teams, infrastructure and furniture for a building or complex…the list is endless. Everywhere there is a demand for the best.

However, teachers do not get to pick and choose the students they want. They do not even wish to. They are happy with the students they get. And there is a beautiful and powerful reason for this. True teachers simply do not sift through the list of children to keep the ‘best’ for themselves because they think that each child is the best in something or the other. Each child is unique. Each child has a special talent. Each child has something endearing and lovable about her or him. Each child is a challenge and each child is eventually a winner.

Teachers give endlessly of their love and knowledge. In return, all they ask for is love, respect, hard work and integrity.

This is what a teacher is all about. With teachers’ day having been celebrated just about a week ago, let us all strive to make everyday a tribute to our teachers. Let it not be limited to a token day once a year.

Let every day be a HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY!
Outside of books, beyond studies,
Outside of class, beyond syllabus,
Outside of marks, beyond grades,
There’s that One,

Who gives you time, effort, love and guidance.
That’s your Teacher, like no other!
Be grateful, for the one you had.
Be extremely proud, if you are one!
You’re precious! You’re special!


5 responses to “To Sir/Ma’am With Love”

  1. Priti Wason Avatar
    Priti Wason

    Rightly said

  2. Reema Avatar

    Very well expressed Ma’am & so relatable! The country needs an “Army of great teachers”. Both Teachers & Soldiers deserve a grand salute!

  3. Pehr Agarwal Avatar
    Pehr Agarwal

    Yes true teachers are like a book which gives us knowledge and only asks to do some majour things .They are key to success and our forther life .THANKING ALL TEACHERS TO SUPPORT US AND ENCOURAGE US

  4. Prakash S Avatar
    Prakash S

    Beautifully written…and i believe what you said that, let not be a token day…… VIBGYOR is one of the best place where i worked……and learnt many things….thank you very much ma’am!

  5. Samahita Mukherjee Avatar
    Samahita Mukherjee

    Extremely reflective and profound!

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