Happy Parenting

Parenting is a blessing which comes with a lot of responsibilities. It has been rightly said “Once a parent always a parent”.

Like many other fields such as technology, education etc.-  parenting has also evolved with time. The upbringing and environment provided to the child has drastically changed. Modern influence on parenting has shifted the paradigm from necessity to comfort. In the race of acquisition of materialistic things, the parents provide an atmosphere where the child is always in his comfort zone. Children’s desires have turned into demands. This sort of upbringing is encouraging complex behavioural problems.

Few Steps towards Happiness

Healthy Mind:-

First and foremost, children should be taught about humanity. They should learn to be more resilient so they are prepared for rejections in everyday life. The parent should empathise with their children. They should maintain a balance between love and discipline. The parents should act as role models for their children because children are excellent imitators. They do what they see. They should be taken out of their comfort zone to face the challenging situations.

Fun & Frolic:-

Children are so engrossed in the virtual world that they have almost forgotten the pleasures of playing in natural environment. Children should be encouraged to play outdoor games. Playing outdoor has a lot of benefits. The children learn social skills like team work, co-operation while sportsman spirit and physical fitness come as a bonus package.

Healthy Little Bites:-

The parents must replace junk food with a balanced diet. Healthy eating habit should be encouraged. Google is an effective tool to help parents in this as you can find ways to make even home cooked mundane food interesting. A time out for meditation and Yoga can add wonders to mind, body and soul.

Charity begins from home. To bring a change in the upbringing and nourishment of a child, the change has to start first with the parents. As mentioned above, children are imitators, parents must practice the same in front of the children what they want their children to do. Parenting is the most challenging role. Parents and children must work together for their development. Children are like soft wet clay. They can be molded into any desired shape. Now it all depends upon the potter, what shape do they want to give to the clay.

Apoorva Mishra
VIBGYOR High, Lucknow


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