Economic Progress or Sustainable Prosperity?

Economic growth refers to a rise in the GDP of the country, such as due to a rise in production of goods and services in the economy or maybe due to an increase in employment in the country. Sustainable prosperity would mean operating in such a way that lives of future generations are not put [&hell

5 Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment

5 Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment
A Happy Workplace is a Healthy Workplace It is said that one’s workplace is one’s second home. Nowadays, it has become the first home for many employees around the world. In this changing scenario, making your workplace environment a happy and healthy one is very important. Apart from comfortabl

Is banning plastic the best solution?

Over the years, we have been so selfish – destroying the planet and not thinking about the future generation. From wasting water to using harmful fuels, we have done it all, but the use of plastic might be the most heinous crime yet. Fortunately, the Government has contrived a movement for the