Month: January 2018

  • New Hopes for the New Year 2018

    New Hopes for the New Year 2018

    With awards galore, the excellent results in each and every VIBGYOR school, the local, city, state and national level achievements of our young learners and the success of Viva 9, our inter school and college Sports and Cultural Fest, in 2017, the cup of life is full. Having bid adieu to 2017 with a heart…

  • Dot—Distillation of Thoughts

    Dot—Distillation of Thoughts

    The first step towards manifestation of your intention is to distil your random thoughts.Thoughts which are aligned towards a common outcome are said to be coherent.They have much more energy than the thoughts which contradict each other. Manifestation requires energy. Thoughts which focus upon negative outcomes deplete your vital brain energy.They are a waste of…