An international School with India in its Heart

Adorable Pre-Primary toddlers smear paper badges with the familiar hues of the tricolour, our National Flag. Their endearing smiles and giggles captivate me as I walk past the art room. This sparkling glimpse is one of the many magical moments captured in my mind’s eye whenever I visit any of our VIBGYOR schools.

Observing another group, this time those of the Primary Section, rehearsing for their group folk song performance in a forthcoming Inter House Competition, my own face lit up with a bright smile of satisfaction at their efforts. I am touched by the earnestness and purposefulness displayed by the Middle school learners who are discussing a poster based on the life of our great leaders. Topping it all is the naughty twinkle in the eyes of the High school students who are sitting comfortably in circles and painting diyas which will be sold, the proceeds to be given to charity.

Much as we move towards a more globalised education pedagogy, adopting the best educational practices from across the world, VIBGYOR has always remained true to its commitment to the children of India. And one of the most crucial aspects of quality education is to develop in our students, pride for our country and concern for its progress.

As nation builders, we know we have the humongous responsibility of moulding the future of today’s youth. We believe in imbibing in our students, love for the motherland and pride in its diverse cultural and traditional customs and practices. Our students respect all religions and regions of our vast country. We provide many opportunities to our students to bring India alive in the classrooms and even beyond. In our hearts, India rules.





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    I think, Vibgyor is the only group of schools that follows this unique practice . The whole ideology is perfectly suited to

    the current need of the hour for our country.

    it takes a courage, capability and deep thinking mindsets to build such an advanced educational system in the present

    situation that not goes long way but builds a very strong , progressive yet humanized brain in children and youths of

    our country…

    Kudos to entire Vibgyor Family for their significant contribution to boost the status of current education system in


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