Month: August 2017

  • A Game Online: A Threat in the Real World

    A Game Online: A Threat in the Real World

    Online games have become quite the rage now. Millions of youngsters, especially teenagers are getting addicted and consequently becoming more and more isolated and aloof from reality. Recently, as you all must be aware, a game or rather a social media phenomenon known as the Blue Whale or the Blue Whale Challenge has been in…

  • Students’ Shenanigans

    Students’ Shenanigans

    A school is a mini world by itself and could be the setting of a daily soap opera. I mean, here you will find friendship,┬ádrama, comedy, enthusiasm,┬ácompetitiveness, innovation, ideas… and the list is endless. All teachers will have their own collection of anecdotes. These are almost mini sagas; while some of them are quite uplifting,…