The 21st Century Student

Kavita Sahay Rapidly changing times, a generation of dynamic youth exposed to a wealth of information, and parents wondering about the legacy their children will inherit.

The future will be drastically different from what it is now and equipping our children with the right survival skills is crucial. The world today is dominated by a few factors that require observation and understanding. Climate change is now an undeniable reality. Technology, with its rate of progress, will eliminate many current applications.

So, what are the pre requisites to be successful in the future? What should the children imbibe to become inheritors of an idyllic world?

Most importantly, emotional intelligence and creativity will go a long way to make our children resilient. Add to that a passion to excel in one’s chosen field. Keeping the ear to the ground, developing an open minded approach, seizing opportunities that come along, also, a willingness to be a lifelong learner.

For young people, thinking of themselves as a work in progress, as continuing on their journey to excellence, is a fantastic attitude to cultivate. It keeps one feeling young and fresh and raring to go.

To be close to nature and aware of issues is also imperative. This sensitivity led a 16 year old girl from Bengaluru to develop an app to monitor water pollution in lakes. She not only won awards and accolades for her work but a minor planet in the Milky Way is going to be named after her.

Let us inspire our children to think positively for the present and the future.
Let us tell them:
Dream and keep dreaming…keep adding to your dreams…let them soar as high as your imagination can take you. Work to achieve your dreams. And then you will be one among the stars.


2 responses to “The 21st Century Student”

  1. Rashmi Avatar

    This kind of education is actually need of the hour. While the regular curriculum enhances their knowledge bank, they should be encouraged and trained to think beyond their books and be sensitised to try and undo the damage done by man and not join the race. Your views are very encouraging Ma’am.

  2. Abhinandan Bhattacharya Avatar
    Abhinandan Bhattacharya

    Very well expressed and rightly stated that we need to inculcate amongst our children the essence of being a life-long learner besides being resilient and open-minded towards situations around us. The onus rests more upon the teachers and educators who are ordained inadvertently to execute this task. Today, our society is reeling under several threats, some grave, some compelling. Bringing up the future generation is no longer the responsibility of the biological parents. There is a larger picture to that perspective. Mere talking and contemplating will not solve the purpose. Strategies need to be outlined on a war-footing and the progressive vision has to be made rhetoric before all and sundry. Being an educator and teacher, I feel respecting the space and thoughts of my audience and giving them a warranty of my support and unselfish assistance should be the order of the day.

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