Classroom management techniques

Ask a teacher what would be their worst nightmare and they’d say a class which they are unable to control, or a class which refuses to follow instructions. Of course every teacher has their unique way of classroom management, but it is important to understand how to maintain discipline while at the same time, provide an environment where students can thrive and learn.
Here are some tips which teachers can use to provide a conducive learning environment.

#1: Be consistent
One thing which teachers get accused of frequently by students is partiality. “But when he did it, you did not say anything” is an oft heard and oft repeated statement. The key to combat this is consistency. A good way to start is to communicate and lay down a few ground rules right at the beginning of term like establishing classroom rules for expected behaviour and promoting and sticking to those rules.
To further ensure clarity, have it in written form where students and you can access it freely.

#2: Dealing with difficult children
Every class has students who look for ways to disrupt your equilibrium or the class’ flow. A good way to deal would be to give such students more responsibilities, giving them a chance to answer questions, etc. Keep them involved so that they don’t resort to disruption.

#3: Disciplining by reinforcing positive behaviour
Avoid disciplining a student in the middle of class. Speak to them separately, telling them clearly what you did not like and what they can do differently. Children respond better when they are told what to do rather than what not to do. Affirmative statements will also ensure other students can learn via example.

#4: Be prepared for class
Students also tend to get restless when the subject you are teaching is not engaging enough. Take time to prepare for class. If a particular chapter is too difficult, break it down into smaller chunks to make it easier. If a chapter is too simple, you can teach it by having a discussion in class, followed by a report.
Following these simple steps will ensure your students and you have a good learning experience and you are able to teach what you had earmarked for that particular day.






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