VIBGYOR Kids Kolhapur School celebrates World Fiesta

VIBGYOR Kids, a pre-primary section of VIBGYOR High Group of Schools, today organized World Fiesta in the school premises for their senior kindergarten students and parents. The event was organized to educate students about different countries of the world, their significance, food and culture with fun-filled engagement activities involving parents. Four divisions of Sr.Kg class with a total of more than 120 students and 100 parents actively participated in the event. World Fiesta is celebrated in other schools of VIBGYOR High across the country, between September 2nd and 11th.

World Fiesta is a part of an integrated and experiential learning programme of VIBGYOR Kids, which revolves around various educational themes every month. For the month of September, the theme for Sr. Kg. students is ‘Countries of the World’. At the event, various engaging activities such as poem recitation, quiz for parents hosted by children, country speciality food stalls, dance performances and more helped in creating cross-cultural awareness amongst children at an early age. The fund collected through food sale at various stalls will be further donated to NGO’s.

Mr. T. Balan, Principal, VIBGYOR Kids Kolhapur School said, “At VIBGYOR Kids, we focus on integrated learning as a teaching methodology for the overall development of the child. World Fiesta is one such attempt to educate our students in a creative way, while introducing and involving our parents in their child’s learning.”

At VIBGYOR Kids, students are put in an environment that catalyses their academic, physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual growth. We constantly devise unconventional methods that offer interactive and wide plethora of topics with an objective to develop a sense of context and objectivity in our children equipping them for larger challenges of life.

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