Augmentation of Safety and Security Measure for our Children

Dear Parents,
At the onset, we would like to thank you for your ongoing
support during this hour of crisis. Our heart goes out to the child and the
family and we stand by them with a commitment that we will leave no stone
unturned to ensure that the guilty are brought to justice. We will seek maximum
permissible punishment under the law for perpetrators of the heinous crime.
As a school we believe that we are stand in loco parentis to
our children during school hours and the said incident has truly unnerved us
and raised genuine apprehensions about the enhancement of security and safety
of our children while in our care.
As a responsible school management, we have initiated a
structured and time-bound intervention to substantially review and augment the
existing safety and security systems in the organization.
We would like to bring to your notice some of the
interventions that are being implemented on an immediate basis.
We are taking the following measures immediately:-
Substantially augmenting the number of female
security guards.
 Significantly expanding CCTV coverage across
each of our centers using digital IP cameras (Night vision enabled) that will
be monitored by a dedicated team.
 We are
taking steps to strengthen the perimeter walls of our schools as well as entry
and exit points so that any external intrusion will be minimized and at no
point in time any unauthorized person will be allowed to enter the school
premises encompassing even the swimming pool area.
We will amend the disclaimer in question in the
disclaimer form in accordance with the government guidelines.
We are equipping all our buses with a wireless
tapping machine that will record the parent ID before the student is handed
over to the parent.
 A criminal
background verification check by the police authorities will be made mandatory
for our faculty academic, non academic & third party staff.
 We are in
negotiation with behavioral training organizations that will re-train the bus
drivers and the bus maids with respect to child psychology and conduct periodic
interventions to groom them on standard operating procedures pertaining to
children availing transport. We already have a buffer of verified bus drivers
who are deployed in case our regular drivers are not available.
 We ensure
that at all points in time our male teachers are accompanied by female
education facilitators during any interface with children and further measures
will be undertaken to ensure that there are no lapses in the existing
procedures for the same.
 In due
course, we will ensure that we conduct regular training interventions to
further sensitize staff at all levels to be appropriate and correct in their
conduct to children and also to sensitize our children about good and bad touch
as guided by counselors and child psychologists.
We will ensure that a PTA is formed at each of
our centers (over 50%participation of parents), which shall also embody a
Safety & Security Review Committee to review the safety measures every
Any changes in our staff pertaining to class
teachers, coordinators, vice principal and principal shall be notified to all
All parents shall have to produce bearer cards
(Pre Primary to Grade1) for picking up their wards from the school or from the
drop point location.
Our existing mechanism to send alerts to
parents, about the child’s movement shall be further strengthened as we are
reviewing our arrangement with existing vendor.
We will make earnest attempts to increase the
number for female coaches to assist in supporting our sports and performing
arts activities.
We would like to reiterate that VIBGYOR is committed towards
creating a safe and secure environment for our children and we will make every
feasible intervention to eliminate any possibility of any untoward incidents.
We would like to reassure you that there is no attempt on
the part of the management to either cover up or delay the investigation or to
shield any guilty person in any manner whatsoever. Full cooperation is being
rendered to law & order authorities.
There are several reports in the media and on online platforms
through which vicious rumors and false allegations against the school and its
management are being propagated. We sincerely request you not to blindly
believe these reports and to verify the facts with us. There is a team that has
been deployed on a 24X7 basis to answer any query and we are doing our best to
revert to you as quickly as possible.
We appreciate the support and valuable suggestions that are
pouring in at [email protected]
and we stand by our commitment to revert to each of you on your concerns.
We thank you for your ongoing
support and we stand committed by our resolve to provide highest quality
education to our children.


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