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The pandemic forced education to shift from a physical to a digital model for the safety and well-being of our children. VIBGYOR Group of Schools have utilized this disruption as an opportunity to innovate. Introducing 'VIBGYOR Virtual Learning Sessions' powered with a state-of-the-art digital Infrastructure and an online pedagogy developed with deep insights into child psychology across age groups.
In March 2019 when the world was brought to its heels due to the Corona Virus pandemic, teaching at VIBGYOR Group of Schools carried on as usual, albeit on virtual mode for all grades and what mattered the most was the board grade classes of the students of the Secondary Section, whose entire future lay at stake. The curriculum was entirely revamped overnight, to suit the virtual mode, with a huge team of Content Developers, Subject Matter experts and proof readers and made age and grade appropriate. In academic year 2020-21 the Study From Home or SFH programme was launched.
The school insisted on the safety and security of the students on virtual mode too and as such immediately shifted to MS Teams as a platform as opposed to Zoom. Teachers were skilled and trained over the summer vacation and through the academic year 2020-2021 they underwent the professional development courses tailor-made to suit the requirements of VIBGYOR curriculum on virtual mode.
Bridge courses – In order to ensure that no gaps remained due to the transfer onto virtual mode, a special bridge programme was drafted at the end of academic year 2020-21 and beginning of academic year 2021-22 to ensure that the fine motor skills of students of Pre-Primary and Grades 1 and 2 were developed as per the grade requirements.
Virtual Field trips- To get the feel of a normal classroom and to ensure experiential learning, Virtual field trips and Virtual art and Library classes have been included in the curriculum. This will ensure the all-round development of the students. It has ensured that when students cannot come to school, the school goes to the student.
Assessments In order to ensure that academic objectives of the year were met right from 2020 we have ensure that we organise skill assessment for the Pre-Primary section, assessments for the Primary and a pen and paper type of test on for the Secondary section. It is very important that we benchmark the academic achievements of our students and we followed this up with the Virtual Parent Teacher Meetings to pave the way forward.
Efforts of the Personalized Learning Centre- Vibgyor is known for its unique personalized learning Centre which consists of counselors, psychologists and special educators. The PLC team ensures that in the highly stressful time of the lock down the mental and emotional health of not only the student but also the parent community remained robust. The SOI or Structure of Intellect programme was also conducted on virtual mode.
Virtual Sports and Performing Arts- Not only was the academic curriculum transferred seamlessly onto the virtual but also the scripted curriculum for SPA which ensured physical fitness and a healthy mind in a healthy body!•
Clubs and other Activities- The VIBGYOR Group of schools organised various clubs on virtual media like the VIBGYOR Greeder’s Club, which creates a greed to read among the young minds, the VIBGYOR Nature Club which ensures that students are sensitized towards the need to protect mother Earth.The VMUN or the VIBGYOR Model United Nations was also a super duper success.
Virtual Events– The highlight of school life are the events and VIBGYOR replicated all the events on Virtual mode. These included special events like Grandparents’ Tea Party, Graduation ceremony for Sr. KG students, to special assemblies,Virtual Inter House Competitions,Virtual Library and even the grand fest called VIVA!
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