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That's VIBGYOR High! An institution built on the dream to honour young people by giving them an environment to grow intellectually, artistically, athletically and morally. At VIBGYOR High we impart learning through a series of classes, sports, extra-curricular activities and special events.

Our students are guided by qualified teachers and scholars who in their own way are also counsellors and an inspiration. At VIBGYOR High, education is designed on a broad-based curriculum with the goal to ignite our nation's young minds. We believe in creating an environment where students also learn from their peers and through friendship.

To sum up, we Enthuse, Enlighten and Empower: The three strong pillars that define who we are, our beliefs and our commitment towards growth and focus.

Enthuse: We aim to create future leaders through our commitment towards learning and imparting education that encourage students to think out of the box. We believe in inspiring and creating enthusiasm through our learning-centric approach based on new-age teaching methodology.

Enlighten: Our constant endeavour is to challenge the normal and go beyond the ordinary. We aspire to guide our students in finding the special quality that helps them stand apart. For this, we bring on board future-forward educational curriculum that is based on the best international practices. We combine the power of learning and individual skill sets, which we believe are the core of a rightful identity of any creative being.

Empower: We understand a school is place for imbibing knowledge and learning through fascinating experiences. We provide opportunities for our students, which are a perfect blend of curricular and co-curricular studies such as cultural and sports education. We have developed first-of-its-kind SPA (Sports and Performing Arts) initiative that gives every child a chance to outperform, explore and grow.

Message from Founder Chairman

Yours Sincerely,

Founder - Chairman, VIBGYOR High

Dear Parent,

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. I am delighted you are considering VIBGYOR High as a place of learning and growth for your child.

Each day at VIBGYOR High is spent facilitating and giving our students the tools to succeed in life. We believe that an empowered individual is the one who has the knowledge, skill, desire and opportunity to succeed at every stage in life.

We are aware of how the world around us is rapidly changing. Children today are digital natives, comfortable with interacting through digital interfaces that have transformed basic concepts of learning and education. At VIBGYOR, we have understood this fact and have implemented smart learning and experiential techniques in our schools.

Holistic development of our students is something that I take very seriously. From sports, performing arts, curricular studies to leadership and international experience programs all VIBGYOR schools inculcate values of all-round development within students. We encourage a child’s curiosity, provide stimulus, encourage originality, develop self-confidence and create a habit of success.

Leadership is crucial to ensure the best quality of schooling. We choose to look at our teachers as educators and our school principals as leaders and nation builders. Our educators and school leaders play a key role in creating the right organizational conditions to implement effectiveness and success. To ensure that students get the best from the class, we work with a comfortable educator/student ratio. Here, our teachers create a stimulating environment for the students who are an active part of the learning process. Our teachers' inherent intelligence and thought processes are instrumental in facilitating the learning process.

Our institution is committed to work with parents and to ensure that all students are given every opportunity to achieve their full potential. We are always hands-on in helping a student diagnose their academic problems and providing guidance for parents.

Lastly, I want to ensure that the time you spend at VIBGYOR High is both a rewarding and an enjoyable experience. I invite you to read on, to learn more about the unique experience that is VIBGYOR High.

Our Team

Our team consists of experienced and dynamic individuals, who drive the institution with a passion to impart quality education and overall development of the students at VIBGYOR High.

  • Rustom P Kerawalla


  • Kavita Sahay

    Director - Schools & Academics

  • Paresh Bhatelia

    Director - Finance

  • Pratik Patel

    Director - Strategic Planning & New Initiatives

  • Vispi J Vesuna


Mission & Vision

To provide the highest quality of education in a safe, secure and nurturing environment to help our students develop into progressive thinkers and lifelong bearers of skills that will prepare them for the challenges of a dynamically changing world.

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